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Some of our latest projects:


FoodYoyo : www.foodyoyo.com
FoodYoyo is a full service e-commerce portal for online ordering of food
from local restaurants.
For this project, we used the following technologies
-PHP based web site with wide use of JavaScript, AJAX technologies
-mysql at backend on Linux based server
-Numerous external API integration for Fax/Email
- Financial transaction processing via integration with Authorization module
- Site built from scratch
- Utilizes AJAX technologies to improve user experience
- Admin section/ Owners section / User sections
       -Implements Fragment caching to speed up loading of site.
                  -Implements clean URL's and other SEO techniques
The web site supports:
•    Processing of customer orders in real time with minimal latency as this
is time sensitive information
•    Complex logic for parsing different formats for input menu as there are
no standards for menu data

Sofawarehouse: http://www.baywebsoft.com/ecommerce
login: testuser
password: testuser
Sofawarehouse is an e-commerce website for online purchase of furniture
from store. For this project, we use the following technologies:
•    Content based Management system using Drupal.
•    PHP / MySQL powered
•    Tailored the code to fit the client's need. Such things were
implementing different 0 price behavior, ability to create furniture kits,
coupon management.
•    integrates PayPal / Google checkout
•    Provided training for client to ensure client knew how to edit and
populate data
•    Implements TinyMCE, Lightbox2 , and other JavaScript technologies to
make the user and admin experiences easier. These additions allow for more
flexibility in entering content.
•    Demonstrates the flexibility of the Drupal system to act as an
E-Commerce site and not only a content management system.

Powered a customer website to Drupal based CMS:

        -Took existing static site, and powered it by CMS in a few hours.

       -Customized template to match old site.
       -Demonstrates the speed of deploying a Drupal site without losing
any of the original site's look and feel.
       -Transparent to the end user, but provides the administrator the
ability to change content easily and quickly.


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